Navigating First-Time Home Buying: Common Concerns Addressed

Questions I get about buying a house for the first time:

“I don’t know anything about buying a house.” – that’s OK! It is our job to educate you and refer you to lender, inspector, and title partners who only want to educate you as well. We don’t expect you to know ANYTHING and are happy to answer questions and guide you through the process all day long.

“How much does it cost me to use you as an agent?” – commissions are almost always paid by the seller of the home you are buying, so besides an administrative fee to an agent’s brokerage, you do not typically need to come out of pocket for anything other than the fee for using a buyer’s agent!

“How much does it cost to buy a house?” – typically, you can use 3% of the purchase price as an estimate for what your closing costs (in addition to your down payment, if applicable) will be. So, if you are buying a $350,000 home, you can expect your closing costs to be about $10,500 (this includes lenders fees, title company fees, transfer taxes, and more!)

“What do I need to do first to start looking?” – talk to an agent to get you started. Talk to a GOOD lender to get prequalified and determine your budget. And one of the biggest things that helps jump start the process? Go look at houses! Whether with your agent or going to Open Houses, going to physically see homes will help narrow down your criteria for your dream home and put you in the right headspace for your search.

“What if I have bad credit?” – did you know that we provide SO many buyers with access to our lender partners who will help guide you through your credit score, guide you on what actions will have the biggest impact on your score the most quickly, and exactly what you need to do to get your score to where it needs to be to purchase a home?

Ready to take the next step towards home ownership? I’m happy to have the conversation with you and answer ALL your questions. Call/text me!
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