Out of Town for the Holidays? How to Protect Your Home

We’ve all heard at least one horror story about a family leaving for a period of time and returning home only to find that their house has been broken into or a pipe has burst in their absence. Horrific!!? I know. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of tips to help prep your house for safety while out of town, allowing you to truly enjoy it. 

Cost-Friendly Tips: 

1 – Don’t indicate your absence for the time being. 

Making it known that your home will be empty for a few days is an invitation to some. Hold off on those photos on social media or tagging a different location, unless only trusted friends and family members can see it.

2 – Remove stashed keys 

Keeping your stashed keys outside of your home allows anyone to find them and get inside. Removing them from their hiding spots for the time being can prevent burglars from finding the key to inside.

3 – Lock everything!

This seems to be an easy step, but is surprisingly forgotten often. Make sure to lock all doors and windows. Close your blinds and curtains to avoid anyone looking in.

4 – Check or replace batteries 

This one’s pretty simple, but often gets overlooked. Check all security and safety devices – motion detectors, cameras, smoke detectors, etc – to make sure the batteries won’t fail while you’re gone. Opt-out for high-quality batteries over budget batteries, as you’re likely to get more life out of them.

5 – Unplug nonessential electronics

Unplugging nonessential electronics – TVs, computers, coffee makers, fans, lamps, etc. – not only will both reduce the risk of fire and save you money, but also can protect against electrical surges. 

6 – Clear storm drains and gutters

Keeping your storm drains and gutters clear of debris is always important, and especially critical during storms to allow the drainage of water off your home. Instead, it could accumulate too close to the house and seep inside. 

7 – Ask a trusted friend or family member to check in periodically

Have someone stop by from time to time while you’re away to make sure all things are in check, such as attempted entry, burst pipes, etc. Ask them to park in the driveaway, and possibly adjust some blinds or move some outside furniture to suggest that someone is around. 

Tips That Cost Money:

1 – Install outdoor security lights

Lighting up any dark or hidden spots around your home can prevent burglars from sneaking inside. You can illuminate these hiding posts by installing outdoor security lights, most being motion activated or will only come on at night.

2 –  Install a Video Doorbell

A video doorbell allows you to answer your front door from anywhere. You’re alerted when anyone rings your doorbell, or even steps foot on your porch. Through the doorbell, you are both able to record the interaction and even talk to them.